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Below is a Home Teaching Quiz which I have put together from quizes that I have been given, and I hope everyone enjoys this and really takes a look at how they are as a hometeacher.

Please list the families you have been called to serve:

Only you can answer this question. A word of note: If you can't remember the names of each of the members of each of the families (let alone the last names of each of the families), then you wouldn't have gotten full marks on this question.

Now what are their birthdays:

Same note as above applies here.

True Or False
____1. Home teaching efforts should be concentrated on those who need it most.
True. Home teaching efforts should be concentrated on those who need it most (see MPLH, p.5, Strengthening Members through Home Teaching, guideline 1); however, this does not mean that there should be no focus on other members despite their activity or welfare needs. 100% home teaching should be our minimum goal each month - not just the less active.
____2. The Bishop calls home teachers.
False. Ideally, the Quorum Presidency/Group Leadership should discuss the needs of each member and decide who would serve those needs best as their hometeacher (ibid., guidelines 1,4). Then the Bishop would be consulted for advice on the decision. The brethren would then be contacted and not only informed of their new assignment, but information (preferably positive) about the new families should be given to them as well. It should be noted that Aaronic Priesthood brethren are to be issued calls by the bishopric (ibid., guideline 5) and normally consist of Teachers and Priests. Deacons have not been given the specific responsibility to watch over the church, and should be used in exceptional circumstances, and with the bishop's advisement (see D&C 20:38-57 for an explanation of the duties for each office).
____3. Geography is a small factor in arranging home teaching assignments.
True (ibid., guideline 8). However an emphasis should be placed on the word small. Much more important issues beside geography should be taken into consideration first.
____4. Home teaching visits are to be done in the homes of the members.
True. There will be some who disagree with this answer, but remember, you were asked to choose the most correct answer. Home teaching is called home teaching for a specific reason, and every effort should be made to visit the family in their home. Like other rules as this, local situations may have specific adaptations made by church leaders (ibid., guideline 10).
____5. Husbands and wives can be companions in order to accomplish home and visiting teaching at the same time.
False. Home teaching companions should both be priesthood holders. Some exceptions approved by Church leaders may be necessary, but they are the exception, and should be avoided in all other situations (ibid., guideline 11; also see Mar 1997 Ensign, pp 28-29 for some examples of exceptions).
____6. When a family moves, the home teacher should inform the ward clerk, who then would get the new address.
False. It is the responsibility of the home teacher to find the new address and pass it on to the ward clerk, who then transfers the membership records to the new ward/branch (MPLH, p.6, Responsibilities of Home Teachers, 2).
____7. If the home teacher fails in his assignment, the Quorum/Group leaders are responsible to provide service to the family.
True. In cases, where home teachers are not able to fulfill their responsibility, it is the stewardship of the leaders to assure necessary service is rendered to the families. The MPLH states that "through home teachers, each ward member is regularly visited by a representative of the ward leaders (p 5, Responsibilities of Home Teachers, 1)," and it remains to reason that if the home teachers are unable to visit those ward members then other representatives of the ward leaders should.
____8. Home teachers report only to their own Quorum/Group Leader.
True. Home teachers do not report to the Bishop, Stake President, or High Council Representative concerning their monthly home teaching efforts. These reports should be made directly to the member of the Presidency/Leadership who has stewardship over them. In some units where home teaching co-ordinators have been called, this may be an exception. As well, information about the families, home teaching efforts in general, of course, can be reported in PPI's with the Bishop, etc. (see MPLH, p.6, Home Teaching Responsibilities of Quorum and Group Leaders, 3)
____9. Home teachers are the first source of help for Church members.
True. Home teachers should be aware of all welfare needs (spiritual, temporal) of each family, and strive to aid in fulfilling them within their own resources. Any situations that are unable to be fulfilled by the home teachers should be passed on top the Quorum Presidency, who then, if necessary, will pass it on to the Bishop (see MPLH, p 5, Responsibilities of Home Teachers, 1).
____10. Home teachers are usually to present the First Presidency message from the Ensign magazine.
True. In addition, however, contact with the head of the household should be made well in advance of each appointment in order to determine any alternate or additional instruction needed by the family (see MPLH, p 5, Responsibilities of Home Teachers, 4).
____11. If special needs arise, home teachers are to report immediately to the Bishop.
False. See question 9. Quorum and Group Leaders would report those concerns immediately to the bishopric (see MPLH, p.6, Home Teaching Responsibilities of Quorum and Group Leaders, 4)
____12. Visits of the Elders Quorum Presidency/High Priest Group Leadership to my assigned home teaching families when I am unable to visit them may be recorded as a hometeaching visit.
False. In accordance to general Church policy, visits made without at least one of the hometeachers present should not be counted as hometeaching visits ( 4, page 27 of the March 1997 Ensign).
____13. I visited 100% of my families last month.
Only you can decide if you answered this question was right or wrong.

MPLH - Melchizedek Priesthood Leadership Handbook, 1990, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The.

The Ensign is ©, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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