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    We had a nice man who visited us a few years back who was our home teacher for a short time. He remembered birthdays and made it a point to have something of interest to our 3 boys. I thought that was exceptionally nice and we felt he really cared about our family.

    Always call in advance for an appointment. Always bring something (a lesson, thought, etc.) This can work even for less active families. Rarely have I had a family say they would rather not have a thought even during the first months when we are getting to know one another. Always have a prayer. This can also work for less actives. Be specific. Bless them individually and as a family. Remember birthdays. I always bring something over (a small treat or card) on any family member’s birthday. Give heed to the needs of families with children (e.g. tailoring lessons to them occasionally) but remember, first and foremost home teachers are there to assist/train/help the father (or head of house in the case of single parents). If he/she is in good shape the family will follow. Bend or break the above rules as the Spirit and logic dictate.
    I have had good home teachers. I was impressed by their monthly visits and cards they would send. To me a good home teacher delivers the message and chats for a few minutes with the person or family. My home teachers would always ask about things I was interested in or excited about.
    Our wonderful home teachers are here every month with a great lesson and good talk. They share their garden produce with us and their fishing trips. They remember our birthdays with a special treat or take us out to dinner. They’ve taken us to special programs at Christmas time. When I need them I just have to call and they’re here in minutes. They’re both spiritual giants and we love them dearly! They always have prayer with us and leave us with their blessings!! I forgot to say, “They always call for an appointment!”
    Years ago, our family consisted of teenagers down to very young children which presented a challenge to any home teacher. For years we had a home teacher who came faithfully every month. The children actually looked forward to his visit because each time he came he had a small game or something of interest to show them. One time it would be woodcarving; another time the Japanese art of folding paper. He kept each age and attention span in mind and made it interesting for each of them. Afterwards he would give a short gospel lesson and would be on his way. Sometimes he would bring something special for one of them. He always remembered their birthdays. It was fun, interesting, with a gospel message. Even though he is now quite advanced in age and not very active and has not been our home teacher for years, he is still voted the best home teacher ever by all of our kids now grown and married.
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