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    The ones that I am impressed with are the ones who actually know who their families are. I would think that given a few exceptions if they consistently visit each month without fail, they are able to earn the trust and respect of those families they visit.

    At our last ward, we had wonderful home teachers. They never missed a month the whole 2.5 years we were in the ward. When it snowed where we lived at the time, he came to our home and shoveled our sidewalk, not to mention all of the meals he and his wife brought when I was sick during pregnancy and so forth.

    Our wonderful home teachers are here every month with a great lesson and good talk. They share their garden produce with us and their fishing trips. They remember our birthdays with a special treat or take us out to dinner. They’ve taken us to special programs at Christmas time. When I need them I just have to call and they’re here in minutes. They’re both spiritual giants and we love them dearly! They always have prayer with us and leave us with their blessings!! I forgot to say, “They always call for an appointment!”