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    He always checks up on us and truly enjoyed spending time with us. He would call just to say hello…

    My home teacher often comes with his wife. It is nice to know that they are willing to help with blessings when needed and they keep in touch often to see what the needs are. Mine called and offered to watch my home, take in the mail and put the salt in my soft water unit while I was in Vegas. I have a lot of trust in him, obviously, and I do not feel uncomfortable in any way. But there is much respect and caution we both use in our relationship.

    The first home teacher I had was exceptional. He would always know what my non-member husbands shift work schedule was a drop by to see him and just do some “guy talk” with him while I was teaching. Really helped to get him to have a good attitude about the Church. Always a good lesson on his “official” visit.

    I personally feel that a really wonderful home teacher would be someone who came every month like they’re supposed to. Maybe even an extra time a month to show that they think you’re important enough to visit more than once. That way you would feel more like they’re coming to visit you because they want to and not because they have to.

    We had home teachers not too long ago that were wonderful. They came every month, and always came with a smile and some cheerful words. They would come if we needed them to assist in blessings, or whatever, at the drop of a hat, no matter what time of night or day it was. They called frequently, just to see how we were doing. They were the best home teachers I’ve ever had.