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† † A good friend of mine once met personally with the father of each home to set the guidelines of the visit and to give the fathers the ability to be in charge of the home teacherís visit. I was impressed with that.

† † Always call in advance for an appointment. Always bring something (a lesson, thought, etc.) This can work even for less active families. Rarely have I had a family say they would rather not have a thought even during the first months when we are getting to know one another. Always have a prayer. This can also work for less actives. Be specific. Bless them individually and as a family. Remember birthdays. I always bring something over (a small treat or card) on any family memberís birthday. Give heed to the needs of families with children (e.g. tailoring lessons to them occasionally) but remember, first and foremost home teachers are there to assist/train/help the father (or head of house in the case of single parents). If he/she is in good shape the family will follow. Bend or break the above rules as the Spirit and logic dictate.