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† † Current home teacherís companion is his teacher-age son. Son always gives the lesson by reading from the Ensign. Think it would be better if the HP gave the lesson sometimes from the heart instead of his son reading parts of the 1st presidency message. Iíve had some serious health problems. Have not seen Home teacher except when he came to give me a blessing since long before Christmas. Not a good record as when I was his wifeís visiting teacher and she had a health problem I was there at least once a week to help get things done that needed to be done. Not that he should have been here that often, but could have at least called.

† † Our home teacher seemed more interested in preaching a sermon to us than in finding our how we were doing. Rather than having an uplifting conversation where we both shared spiritual insights we would listen to his sermon which did not have anything to do with our needs at the time. When he stopped coming we were grateful.