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    They always came every month, we would always talk about how things are, up coming events with each family, and We would talk about ourselves, which helped us all know each other a lot better. They were always interested in hearing about Australia, and the differences and so on. It was on a personal level, a friendship. We knew them as good friends like they knew us. They would always offer to help us in anyway they could, and for instance they spent their Saturday morning with us fixing our blocked drain. (Not a pleasant task by any means.) You can feel they have the Holy Spirit with them and they add blessings to us.

    I have had good home teachers. I was impressed by their monthly visits and cards they would send. To me a good home teacher delivers the message and chats for a few minutes with the person or family. My home teachers would always ask about things I was interested in or excited about.

    The best home teacher is the one I currently have. If I’m not at church, he calls me. If I need a blessing and he can’t get away to do it himself, he finds someone who can. He comes prepared with a lesson and will discuss aliens with my husband and listen to him complain about the ward, the church, and life in general. He is also one of my best friends. I can also talk to him about anything. He looks out for me, and tries to catch when something is going wrong that I need advice for.

    Many times when I have contacted those who are less-active for the first time through home teaching, I have heard them say, “I am not interested in the Church. “I do not ask them why they are not interested. I merely say to them, “I understand your feelings, and even though you are not interested in the Church, I just want you to know that the Church is still interested in you. Because of that interest, I would like to know if I could come by your house once a month and make sure you are all right.” Very rarely have I ever been turned down, and quite often a conversation follows and a friendship begins. (Quote from Church news turned in)

    Our wonderful home teachers are here every month with a great lesson and good talk. They share their garden produce with us and their fishing trips. They remember our birthdays with a special treat or take us out to dinner. They’ve taken us to special programs at Christmas time. When I need them I just have to call and they’re here in minutes. They’re both spiritual giants and we love them dearly! They always have prayer with us and leave us with their blessings!! I forgot to say, “They always call for an appointment!”