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    We have never had good home teachers. One time we had someone for 4 years and he came once in that time with his wife.

    We have not had that many home teachers that have ever come on any regular basis at all. Our last home teacher only came around when my husband was out of town and at strange hours, like 3 in the afternoon. I didn’t much care for that.

    I have had my current home teacher for several years and have never seen them at my home. A year and a half ago I asked them to come and give a lesson on baptism as my son was about to be baptized and we never saw them.

    I haven’t had a diligent home teacher for a good 9 years, so I have a hard time telling any first hand experiences.

    Home Teachers.  To be honest with you…I’ve been a member of the Church for nearly 2 years now and I have only seen one, once. I know that they exist somewhere out there…I’ve seen them visit other people.

    Right now I don’t even have a home teacher.

    Now you are luck if you even know who your home teachers are. I feel there would be more ward unity if everyone did their duty.

    The ones that are not very good are the ones that do not come to visit at all, but tells us they will try. He shouldn’t say anything at all if he isn’t going to come and visit.

    I can tell you what doesn’t impress me, that’s ones that don’t even turn up, or rarely. Or there are ones that you can tell don’t really want to be there, but they are because they have to be…. You can sense that, ones that are not really concerned about you and your family.

    I have not seen a home teacher in a year. I live so far away from the church that usually they would visit me at church. However, I have not been to that church in quite some time. I have been spending a lot of time with my Mom and go to church in that city. LDS of course.

    They’ve only been to see us twice as home teachers.

    They’re the ones that never come. I had a home teacher last year who never came! We’d see him at Church and tell him we’d appreciate a visit because we were struggling and he STILL put us off. I even e-mailed him asking him to either come or find someone who could come in his place. We were barely hanging in there, as we were both Seniors in college and in charge of the Mutual program. Our schedules were full and we started to get bad attitudes. We knew the home teaching visits would be something to look forward to. The home teacher just blamed his companion for never being available. Meanwhile, I had a visiting teacher come…every month. Seeing the home teacher at church activities wasn’t enough.

    In 36 years of marriage, I cannot remember one good home teacher.

    When we were first married he didn’t like home teaching so either he wouldn’t do it or he would go over when he knew they wouldn’t be home and mow their lawn or pull weeds, but never tell them that he did it.

    Worst home teacher held an important church position which kept him busy. He wouldn’t even take five minutes at church to ask if everything was OK.

    For several years we regularly attended our church meetings and would have been considered ‘active’. However, there was a great loneliness we felt in the ward. It seemed that between Sunday meetings we had little or no opportunity to discuss gospel topics with other church members. Home teachers did not visit us. Over a period of several months we invited several families to our home for dinner trying to build new friendships. Only two returned the invitation. We are good friends with them still. But excluding these two families, it seemed as if the majority of the ward was telling us we did not matter, they had no need for us. We began to wonder if the Lord had any need for us. How grateful we would have been for home teachers and other ward members who would have wanted to be with us from time to time.

    The ward we live in right now doesn’t have good home teaching. We had four visits when we first moved here. Then they changed assignments and we haven’t had a visit in over a year and a half. But that’s life.