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I do wish he would visit and talk about more spiritual things or bring a message from the brethren or Ensign. I had a home teacher previous to him who would help me sometimes and always bring a spiritual message, but he flirted and would make comments about his troubled marriage and how he always thought a lot of me. It made me feel very uncomfortable. His wife and he are now divorced. One time, after hed had surgery, he called me at work and asked me to come home and give him a massage. He was on drugs for the pain. I immediately called the bishop and discussed what was happening and requested a change in home teachers.

I remember a home teacher that we had several years ago that I did not like one bit. He came to our home only once, and proceeded to insult me right there, in my own home. I made sure that he never came back. I went straight to the bishop, and requested new home teachers. That experience soured me on home teachers for awhile, but I soon got over it.

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