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† † We had a church leader who took over the majority of the home teaching. Unfortunately he also pressured his way into homes and into lives. He was not into kindness, or into courtesy. It was not uncommon for him to show up at 10:00 at night because he wanted to get as many people as he could during his night visiting. We knew we were only going to be a number so he could mark a higher percentage off of his stats. We asked him not to come without calling. We had kids involved every night of the week (when you times six kids by just one activity a week a night, that still is a busy week.) After those baseball games and all, we still had to come home and fix dinner and do chores etc. We didnít think it would be too much to ask him to call first---he NEVER would. And in fact, one night we were coming home from taking one of the kids to the doctor (over 50 miles away) and did not come home until late, and there he stood trying to get the kids to open the door, even he had been told we would not be home to home teach. He was not only so persistent that he home teach his way, but he was rude to us. After a month or so of trying to change our attitudes and giving him the benefit of a doubt, we went to the Bishop and told him that we didnít want to have home teachers anymore. We had peace for the first time in a long time. When he was released and a new home teacher assign us we were a lot more comfortable. However we have not had home teachers for years and years. I would rather have one visit by a kind and loving home teacher than 200 by one that was just in it for the numbers. I doubt that I am much different from most people.