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    Be available to the person you are assigned them, greet them, give them all of your phone and beeper numbers…email addresses too. My ex-fiancé was a fabulous home teacher. I think that his key was enthusiasm and a close neighborly approach….think of your relationship with those whom you teach as a 15 year long neighbor relationship. The best way to begin this is to ask the person what you can do that would help them to build trust in you. Trust precedes comfort and confidence. Don’t be too abstract with people about spiritual matters. Help them with their more mundane issues…which of course leads to spiritual issues. The key is to start small, I guess. The biggest key, I’d say, is to simply let your relationship with those that you home teach be unique….let it reflect the unique combination of your personality + their personality. Don’t force anything. In some combinations you will find exuberance, others more subtle feelings. Work with what you have…don’t fake anything…be totally yourself….people will sense this….and trust you.

    The mechanical things that my HT have done to help have been as helpful to my spiritual peace and ability to function as any other thing that could have been said or done. I think the more a positive and trusting relationship can be built the better. This takes the investment of time, genuine concern, worthiness and determination to honor the priesthood and value personal covenants and commitments, and an effort to treat others the way the Savior does.

    They are without a doubt very exceptionally nice people. So down to earth and uplifting.

    Our replacement home teachers were very loving, and kind. My husband was working toward the Melchizedek Priesthood at that time and our home teachers were very supportive and encouraging as he struggled to get his life in order. I was very grateful for them, and for their influence in my husband’s life. I knew he loved me and that made our visits wonderful. I always felt he was cheering me on in every endeavor. He passed away two years ago and I believe he still looks out for me. He was like a father. My current and third, home teacher is also a good friend. He would do anything to help my family. Mainly he listens when I need to unload. He’s helped us put up a fence in the backyard. Mostly he is always involved in our lives somehow. The best home or visiting teachers sincerely care. They don’t deliver a message like a robot. They genuinely love and care about the people they visit

    I lived in a ward once where Pres. N. Eldon Tanner of the first presidency lived. Four other general authorities lived in the ward. At the time, none of these men were home teachers. The bishop asked Pres. Tanner if he would accept a home teaching assignment. He told the bishop that he would, that no church assignment was more important than home teaching. He visited his families the first week of every month. The other general authorities accepted home teaching assignments when they were asked a few months later.

    Home teaching is no less than Elder’s Quorum President in terms of importance. Home teachers affect lives as much if not more than Elder’s Quorum Presidents. They have the power to change lives, whether they’re helping someone move, building a fence, or giving a Priesthood blessing. It’s all very important stuff! I’m thankful for my home teacher.

    Our home teacher right now is mentally handicapped but he comes every month and we enjoy just visiting with him.

    These past ten years I have seen a dedicated Home Teacher in action. We have been blessed with his love and devotion. His regular visit was at our convenience, always on time with a half hour prepared lesson, which was inspired by the Holy Ghost to meet our needs. If youth were still at home each felt his strong testimony and advice, as he reached out to them. Appropriate response was expected as we participated in the discussions. His youth companions gained and were motivated to choose to become missionaries. One time about 7 years ago the family was away and I was quite ill. I felt the love and concern of my home teacher enough to notify him of my need for some medicine. He and his wife went to the Pharmacy and brought me what I needed and would not even let me reimburse them. Holidays, birthdays, illnesses, have always been appropriately remembered. Our family has truly been blessed with such splendid home teachers. My testimony of the Divinity of Jesus Christ and the Restoration of His gospel has been strengthened immeasurably.

    Our home teachers go the extra mile. They are perfect examples of what a home teacher should be. When my husband was in the hospital for surgery—my home teacher stayed with me till the doctor came out and told us everything was OK. His numerous calls and visits were so appreciated. When blessings are needed—one call is all that is necessary, he is here. His concern is genuine—also his young partner. Yes, we have the best home teachers in the ward. Their example should be followed by others.