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    Our Home Teachers that meant something to us were the ones that always came and gave a spiritual lesson. It helped that they wanted to know about how we were doing first. Each one of us. The most important things about our home teachers were the ones that knelt with us in prayer and volunteered to pray, when they did, they prayed for us and for our needs. I never got up from sharing those prayers on our knees with them without having our hearts touched and our lives uplifted. It was always a tender thing. I can remember the home teacher that always came with a Book of Mormon Story for the kids, and they were enthralled. I loved it when our home teachers always were there when we needed extra care and blessings (like before surgery and when a child was sick or leaving home for a reason.) It wasn’t necessarily the amount of visits to our home that we had, but the quality of their visit, the concern and love that these were men that were a support to our spiritual and physical welfare.

    I do have some GREAT home teachers right now. They are not very ‘conventional’, but feel like good friends. They have at times come by my home and asked me what message I have for them! It always results in a nice and uplifting gospel discussion. Instead of coming home to me they invited me to their home, a nice gesture. They are….well prepared spiritually and always care and offer sincere prayers in my behalf. I do appreciate them.