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† † I have often preferred the ones that did not come at all, to the ones that come without appointments, and came only on the last day of the month to try and get the statistics. I think that is hurtful to the families they are trying to home teach when they give them the message that this is just to keep the numbers up.

† † The worst one I had was one that never made an appointment just came when it was convenient for him. Came one time when I was about to shower and got mad because I would not let him in. (Had school open house to go to. I was a history teacher.) Complained about me to the HP Group Leader and I was given to someone else. HP GL told me he knew what the real problem was and that I would be much happier with new home teacher. He didnít come often, but did make appointment for when he did come. Had one who refused to come to my home when my St. Bernard puppy, who was a house dog, grew into a 220 lb. lovable animal. He did not like the dogís friendly overtures.