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     Hey, I've been looking for a page like this for a long time now.  I teach Elders Quorum quite often. I wish I had some good ideas to contribute, but I'm a seeker right now myself. Just one suggestion for your page:  If you could lighten your background graphic a bit it would make it much easier to read the black print on top of it [already done Steve]. Other than that, nice page!

- Steve Wilson
  Phoenix, Arizona, USA

     Thanks for putting the article in [To the Hometeachers of the Church].  When I read it the spirit touched my heart.  My son is an Elders' Quorum President at BYU Hawaii and I sent him the address of your web page to help him along.  Thanks for a great job!!

- President Ken Whittemore
Naples Military Branch, Naples Italy

     The website looks great, Kim. One idea I had that might extend the utility of your website is to include a section where hometeachers could seek advice or counsel from others on how to solve certain problems they are encountering with their families. Nothing can replace the inspiration of the Spirit of course, to which every hometeaching companionship is entitled, but it may be give some people some extra help and support which certainly won't hurt their situation. It might be a good place to get some ideas and wisdom from more experienced home teachers in the extended community of the internet. This idea may well have been what you had in mind anyhow with the "I have a question" section, if so then ignore my suggestion. Just a thought though.

- Doug Martin, 1st Counsellor, Bishopric,
Surrey First Ward, Surrey British Columbia Stake, Canada

     This is by far the best Elder's Quorum/Home Teaching Web Site resource I have ever seen....mind you it's the only one I've ever seen. It's awesome that we can use the internet for such good uses thereby taking advantage of the technology the Lord has blesses us with to do His work. Keep up the good work President Siever!!

- Marc Officer, Ward Mission Leader, 
Surrey First Ward, Surrey British Columbia Stake, Canada

     I have only browsed your site for a few minutes and it looks great. The Lord knows we need more dedicated and committed home teachers. It is amazing the power of a visit and in bringing love and the spirit into a home. Being a dedicated home teacher is putting the gospel into action. It is real "love" in action. I have a great testimony of Home Teaching and its power to change lives and uplift the hands that hang down. Keep it going!!

- Scott Torrence, Battlecreek, Michigan, USA

     I was delighted to find out about your page. Hometeaching is one of the most important things we can do in order to carry on the Lord's work, and it is great to have your page as a resource. . . I have passed on the address of your page to the members of our Priesthood quorum, so that they may learn from [it] and be inspired. Once again, thanks a lot. . . I think you should invite people to contribute ideas on how to hometeach less active or inactive members. I think it is important to interact with these brothers and sisters without alienating them further. I would be interested in learning how other people have done this successfully. Best of luck.
- Sid Sharma, YSA Branch,
Ann Arbor Michigan Stake, USA

     I am a ward clerk and have seen a lot of priesthood leaders try to get HT done in this ward. It is almost always the same. They focus on HT, mostly what isn't being done. I feel that they are missing the boat. The only way I think HT will improve and stay there is by raising the spiritually of each quorum member. These brothers are not reading the scriptures, having prayer, ... you know the rest. If the focus was on the members of the quorum, to uplift them, to have them become the priesthood holders they should be then HT would follow. The spirit has a hard time working with these brothers because they are not doing the basics. It is more important to help them first and then the rest. I hope you see my point. The individual needs to come first. Then he can go out and help his HT families Come Unto Christ.

-Gordon Johnson, Ward Clerk
Sterling Ward, Rockford Illinoins Stake, USA.

     This is a great site.  I am going to pass it along to all of the brethren in my ward that are connected to the internet.  Hometeaching, for some reason, is a problem in the Church.  the brethren just don't want to get out there and do it.  I sometimes wonder if we used a cattle prod, we might get better results.  What the brethren need is a site like this...that gives them inspiration and insight into the importance of hometeaching.  Thanks Kim!  What a great servant you are.
- Larry Harper, Ward Executive Secretary
Waipiolani Ward, Mililani Stake, Hawaii, USA