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 Contacting people who never seem to be home........

   Try US MAIL.  It arrives even when they're out.

- Harry House, Executive Secretary, Beaufort South Carolina Ward
Savannah Georgia Stake, USA

  If you've been assigned a family who isn't willing to let you visit them, or worse, seems to always have to go somewhere at the same time their appointment is scheduled, try taking advantage of the holidays by making them a treat and dropping it by their house. It may take a few tries to 'accidentally' catch them at home, but this will give you a chance to meet them in a casual setting. This will also elevate your status from a total stranger to a potential friend.

- Paul Johnson, Assistant High Priest Group Leader,
Belle Terre Ward, Spokane East Stake, USA

  We have one inactive family that we rarely catch at home.  To let the couple know we had stopped by we would leave a gift on the doorstep with a note.  For October we left a pumpkin,  for December a plate of cookies,  at other times a copy of the booklet "Our Heritage" or some church pamphlet. For a year we never heard from them but then one day they called asking for a ride to church!  So you never know.

- Gary Kibble, Elders Quorum President,
Yorktown Ward, Yorktown New York Stake, USA