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     To convince an unmotivated companion, you may need to actually go on a couple of appointment with out them, then tell them about the wonderful time they missed.  Also be persistent in the fact that you would prefer to have their company and that the families desire to see them as well. Call your companion before you go out to ask if they would like to go with you.  Believe me PERSISTENCE pays off.  But don't let an unmotivated companion keep you from your Home Teaching Privilege.

Harry House, Executive Secretary, Beaufort South Carolina Ward
Savannah Georgia Stake, USA

     One thing which I have found helpful is to make an appointment with your companion, and sit down to talk about Home Teaching. Talk about your assigned families, what you expect of each other, what each of you expects of each visit, what good & bad things you've seen in the past, and your schedules. This, at least, will help to you to get to know each other and establish a more solid foundation for your companionship.

Kim Siever, Home Teacher, Lethbridge Ninth Ward
Lethbridge Alberta West Stake, Canada