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    About 10 years ago I was in a ward where the High Priests had an exceptionally high HT record. (It was EASIER to do your HT than not to. Every brother KNEW he was accountable.

    Between the 15th and the 20th, every brother in the quorum was supposed to (and generally did) receive a call from the HP leadership, asking about his Home Teaching.

    After the 25th, brothers who didn't have their HT done would get a call, asking if they had their visits scheduled yet. If not, did they need some help, in some cases the leadership would have them make an appointment, then go in their place.

    WITHOUT FAIL, every brother in the quorum had a PPI (Personal Priesthood Interview) every other month. Sometimes we'd ask a brother to stay in, after Priesthood, for his interview. We had a chart made up to check off and make sure that nobody got missed.

    My Group Leader may have been a little strong on Joseph Smith's, "...teach them correct principles" but everyone KNEW what he was supposed to do. With over 20 years experience since joining the church, I've noticed a direct correlation between accountability and performance. Whenever there was no accountability, the HT, VT ratings were low. The more PPI's, the more families were visited!

Jim Cue, Home Teacher,
Madison 3rd Ward, Madison Wisconsin Stake, USA