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THE ENSIGN PAGE   The Church prohibits all Church publications (articles, pictures, hymns, etc) which are copyrighted from being published on the Internet. So, although I am not legally allowed to post such material on the internet, I have listed some HT/VT Resources below (page numbers are used if known). Your Ward Library should have them available. As well, I have included a page with information on how to subscribe to the Ensign. 
  • "To the Home Teachers of the Church"
  • May 1987, Pres Ezra Taft Benson
  • "Varied "Menu" of Goals for Church Members"
  • June 1980, pp. 70-1
  • Declaration of the First Presidency Message as the official Home Teaching message
  • Feb 1981, p. 79
  • "What is the family's responsibility in a home teaching situation?"
  • Oct 1979, p 31, By Eric Stephan
  • "How can I help my home teachers help my family?"
  • Feb 1981, p 15, R. Wayne Shute
  • "Home Teaching - A Divine Service"
  • Nov 1997, Pres Thomas S Monson
  • Mar 1997, this issue focuses on Home Teaching & Visiting Teaching

  • "Love, Your Visiting Teachers"
  • February 1988, p 54, Melinda Suttner
  • "Go Visit These Women Today!"
  • June 1990, pp 28-29, Annette P. Bowen
  • "Shepherds, Lambs, and Home Teachers"
  • August 1994, p 15, Elder Russell M. Nelson
  • "I Have a Question"
  • June 1993, pp 62-63
    August 1993, p 53
  • "Home Teaching-A Divine Service"
  • October 1997 General Conference, President Monson