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  Below are links to different hometeaching experiences. If you are going to submit information to me for publication here, I may change or leave out names in sensitive situations (such as excommunication, abuse, etc,.) for privacy reasons. This page is for ideas not for publicity, and I will try to do what I can to make it as such. Please feel free to correct me in any of the following if mistakes or misinformation is found. Any ideas are welcome. Don't feel limited to submitting experiences only related to these subjects - I can always make new ones.

  • Teaching active families
  • Teaching families with small children
  • Teaching families with teenagers
  • Teaching young married couples
  • Teaching Young Single Adults
  • Teaching single mother families
  • Teaching single father families
  • Teaching older parents and younger children
  • Teaching new members
  • Teaching less active families
  • Teaching inactive families
  • Teaching part-member families
  • Teaching non-member families
  • Teaching middle-aged couples with no children at home
  • Teaching retired couples
  • Teaching the widowed and widowers
  • Teaching excommunicated or disfellowshipped members