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    Below you will find a list of frequently asked questons (FAQ). Also try the Website FAQ Page. The answers to these questions are adapted from the list policies. If you still have a question not found on this page, email me, and I'll try to answer you as quickly as I can.

What is the purpose of the HT-VT Mailing List?

The HT-VT Mailing List is organised as a type of forum for Home Teachers & Visiting Teachers to discuss ideas, relate experiences, and share resources related to Home & Visiting Teaching.
What sort of messages am I able to post?
Messages to the list must be of a general nature, and specifically related to Home and/or Visiting Teaching. As stated above, you may post ideas, experiences, and resources (poems, jokes, quotes, scriptures, creative suggestions, etc)
What sort of messages am I not able to post?
Messages to the list addressed to either one person or a selct few individuals, or of a genereal gospel nature will not be allowed on the list.
I saw an excellent article that was posted on another mailing list. It is so uplifting. Can I send this message to the list?
Only if it specifically related to the HT/VT programmes of the Church. This mailing list is revolved around a specific topic, and only messages related to that topic can be posted to it.
My email got rejected by a moderator. Why?
The HT/VT Mailing List is moderated to prevent unsolicited ads, unecessary postings, and similar material inappropriate for a mailing list. Hence a number of reasons your message was rejected could be that it was too personal, not related to HT and/or VT, an advertisement, an email hoax (prizes, viruses, etc), or contained inapproprate language.
What are some examples of personal messages?
Messages such as, "I live in Alberta too. Where exactly do you live?" "Thanks for all the suggestions, everyone." "That was a funny joke, Bob." "Hi, Nancy!" Of course, personal messages are not limited to these examples.
I need to unsubscribe. How do I do that?
Depending on which email address you subscribed to, send a blank email message to one of the following - do not send an unsubscribe message to the list:

Please be sure to send the unsubscribe message from the same address you subscribed from. For example, you have two email addresses: and You subscribed to the mailing list from, and now you've sent an unsubscribe message from will not recognise the unsubscribe request.

I just subscribed, but I'm not getting any mail. Why?
There are two possible reasons. First of all, the list experiences slow periods from time to time when very little is posted on the list. This is usually remedied by someone posting a question on how to perform their HT/VT responsibilites better.

 Secondly, to be subscribed, you must reply to the confirmation message you received from Until you return this, you will not be considered subscribed to the list.

Why do I keep getting a bunch of "gobbledygook" in my messages? Many of the comments are punctuated by < .... >.
It's because someone has posted a message to the list in HTML (Rich Text) format, and your email programme cannot decipher the code. The list moderators remind individuals often, but the list is constantly getting new people, and not everyone reads their list policies.
How do I get hold of a List Moderator?
At the moment there are three:
Kim Siever
Susan Anderson
John Hesch

As an option, you will always be able to get a hold of the list owner by sending a message to