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BUSINESS CARDS This past Thursday, my companion (first one I've had since moving) and I got together to talk about our families and what we expect out of the companionship. Well, we also started brainstorming, and thought of an idea to print out a little "postette" (a small poster, for lack of a better word) outlining our names, numbers, and some skills we have.

Being the only one with a computer, I was volunteered to print them up. Then I cam up with a better idea. I printed up a couple of business card-sized bios of the companionship (using Microsoft Word 3.0), and decided to mount them on magnets. This way when we hand them out at our visits, they not only have something to remember us by, but it will most likely go on the fridge - and as we all know, if something goes on the fridge, it usually never comes off.

Anyhow, these are the steps to how I did it:
  1. Print out the bios.
  2. Peel advertisements of existing fridge magnets. This gives us blank magnets to work with.
  3. Positioned the magnet on the back of the paper, where I wanted it, and then traced an outline half-an-inch larger than the magnet.
  4. Cut out the card along the traced line.
  5. Trimmed card to the edge of the magnet.
  6. Used packing tape to "laminate" on both sides.
  7. Trimmed "laminating" to within 1/8 - 1/16 of an inch from the sides of the magnet.

Voila. Business cards for Home Teachers. We put on our names, numbers, and our skills. Very basic, but it will help I'm sure. Of course, you could get them professionally done, or at least professionally laminated, but it has a home-made feel to it that may be appreciated more by others.

Kim Siever, Home Teacher, Lethbridge Ninth Ward
Lethbridge Alberta West Stake, Canada