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CHRISTMAS Take a Break
From a Busy Day--
And Sweep All
Your Cares Away
***attach a whisk broom

When you feel like a basket case,
Take a Break---And slow your pace
*****basket with bath items

  1. Have a honey of a Christmas
  2. Have a Holly Jolly Christmas (bag of Jolly Ranchers)
  3. Merry "Kiss"-mas (Hershey Kisses)
  4. May your holidays be merry and "Sprite" (bottle of Sprite)
  5. Just poppin by with a warm Christmas 'Hi' (attach popcorn, or soda pop)
  6. The holidays can be a strain
    On our body and our brain.
    So when you feel stressed,
    A hot bath is best -
    It truly will help keep you sane!
    ( Attach bath oils, bubbles, scents, etc...)
  7. You are "soup-r" Merry Christmas (soup mix with ribbon)
  8. Not a creature was 'stirring'....(wooden spoon tied with ribbons or rafffia, attach a mix for your favorite drink or baked good)
  9. We have to ad-'mitt' you're a great neighbor (oven mitt filled w/ treats)
  10. Bake up some Christmas cheer. (frozen cookie dough w/ attached cookie cutters)
  11. 'Spice' up your Christmas (Apple cider w/ wassail mix attached)
  12. Hope you have a 'whopper' of a Christmas! (box/bag of Whoppers)
  13. This is 'mint' to wish you a Merry Christmas! (mints attached)
  14. For a 'Deer, Deer' Friend!! (sack decorated like reindeer, fill with candies)