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ICQ List Name: HT/VT ICQ List
Description / Purpose: To organise the virtual home teaching and visiting teaching community into one area, and make communicating hometeaching ideas easier.
Searchable Keywords: Hometeaching, Home, Teach, LDS, Mormon, Hometeacher, Elders, Quorum
Relevant Categories: Christian, LDS, Mormon
ICQ ListMaster: Kim Siever
Organization / Affiliation: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Related ICQ Chat Room: None
Number Of Users: 24
List Created On: 24 August 97
Last Updated On: 27 May 99

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Hometeaching ICQ List
Real Name Nickname ICQ # (UIN) Contact Remarks Language
Cliff Airhart SweetBiff 13567414  PAGE | ADD I am the Elders Quorum President of the Van Nuys First Ward in California. -
- Curby 8354878  PAGE | ADD - -
Joel Blodget 17478830  PAGE | ADD From Jacksonville Florida -
T.J. Brewster ASU Fan 105610  PAGE | ADD Likes Theatre, Computers, and Sports (especially baseball). From Orem, UT, USA -
Scott Bush - 5830720  PAGE | ADD - -
C - PAGE | ADD - -
Jennifer Drake Obeo 12539856  PAGE | ADD I am a musician. I play oboe, clarinet, and saxophone. I was just baptized September 19, and became a visiting teacher in the beginning of October. I was just barely given a calling on the ward counsel -
E - ICQ#  PAGE | ADD - -
F - ICQ#  PAGE | ADD - -
Jeremy Goodman Jermboy 2305032  PAGE | ADD I'm a returned missionary. I served in the New Hampshire Manchester Mission.  English
Joe Goodman Ridge Runner 3347572  PAGE | ADD HP group leader from Globe, Arizona;4x4 enthusiast English
Scott Guymon LtGort 1327226  PAGE | ADD I will be sending in my mission papers soon. I enjoy internet, chatting, the Utah Jazz, and many games. I am always glad to meet new people. I love EFY! [He also lives in Layton, Utah, USA]. You can check out his web page at English
Harry F House III (Rick) a2stepr 3700240  PAGE | ADD Lives in Beaufort, South Carolina, USA. 26. I like to country dance, do genealogy work, and attend the Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-day Saints English
Larry Harper Larry & Diane 2327162  PAGE | ADD I am a HP and currently serving as the Ward Executive Secretary in the Waipiolani Ward in Mililani, Hawaii. My Bishop has assigned me in charge of Hometeaching for the ward. I am an avid golfer and work for the Air Force as a civilian. My job is computer security and all other communication security programs for Hickam Air Force Base. English
John Jerdon - 3414615  PAGE | ADD - English
Richard Johnson Richard 6779494  PAGE | ADD HP Group Leader, married, 4 grand-daughters. Convert to church at age 12. General Contractor, love religion and politics. Home Teaching is my most favorite duty and concern. Live in San Diego area, worked in Temple for 3 yrs. English
Challen & Lori Kelker Nickname 5317434 PAGE | ADD 2nd Counsellor YM--Asst Scout Master, Father son home teachers. English
Lester King KC7HYH 2817018 PAGE | ADD - English
L - ICQ#  PAGE | ADD - -
Greg Maxfield - 1385817 PAGE | ADD English
Travis S. Moses Moze 10091635 PAGE | ADD I am a blind member of the Church and use a special computer to access the internet. I hometeach all of the blind members of my ward (4). I am a return missionary from the Arizona Tucson Mission. I lost my sight after my mission.  English
Kevin Numbers Y2Kbug 14459464  PAGE | ADD I am currently serving as Ward Membership Clerk. I love spending time camping with my 3 children and wife. Love Chinese cooking, the net and e-mail. See web site English
O - ICQ#  PAGE | ADD - -
James Poppel JP 6556612  PAGE | ADD - English
Q - ICQ#  PAGE | ADD - -
Richard Reed Rich 4301097  PAGE | ADD I was born in England and moved to Australia in 1966. I joined the church in 1983 and am married with 3 children. I work at Besser Tasmania as the production manager. I've just been called into YMs as the 1st counsellor today.  English
Mike Roehr 8946865  PAGE | ADD English
Kim Siever Kim_Siever 2517283 PAGE | ADD I am an HT (of course)& WML in my ward. I am from Canada, but I like Scotland. I will be "getting" my first baby in January. My wife of 3.5 years and I are pretty excited. English, some French
Mahonri Smith 5217987 PAGE | ADD English
Mike Towns the vet 1432705  PAGE | ADD Was sustained as EQP the first Sun of Sep '97. Used to be YMPres. Works as veterinarian for standardbred harness racing horses. English
U - ICQ#  PAGE | ADD - -
V - ICQ#  PAGE | ADD - -
Pat Wagman Pat 32749927  PAGE | ADD Counselor in Elders Quorum Presidency, Great Falls MT, 1st Ward. Hobbies include reading-especially science and science fiction, computers, internet. Work for the Air Force. English
X - ICQ#  PAGE | ADD - -
Craig A. Yachuw - 6307972  PAGE | ADD - -
Z - ICQ#  PAGE | ADD - -

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