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    If you are home teaching an inactive family whom are converts, ask them to tell you about the missionaries who baptised them and their conversion. I have found that even people who are currently antagonistic towards the church have a fond place in their hearts for the missionaries who baptised them. This may open the door to adding something spiritual to your discussions. It may also lead to a discussion about the real reasons the family is inactive.

Paul Johnson, Assistant High Priest Group Leader,
Belle Terre Ward, Spokane East Stake, USA

     I have mostly inactive members on my route. I had only been a member about six months when I received my list of sisters that I would be visiting. Most have them had not been to church for some time and the husband of one sister was turned off by church visitors. I decided that I wouldn't bombard them with church at first. Instead I made each of them two dozen cookies and put them on a nice plate with a message that said In case of a fire or an emergency or just to talk contact your visiting teachers. I left our names and numbers on the card. I them rang the door bells at the sisters homes and I gave the cookies to who ever answered the door telling them to enjoy and then I was off. I called a week later to set up appointments and it was a success.

Traci Pedula