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         In our HP Group I presented the thought of Jesus Christ as a Home Teacher. What kind of Home Teacher would He be? 

  First of all our Lord would always contact His families at the first of each month, with follow up visits as needed to meet the concerns and problems facing each of His families.  Not only would He not consider this a Priesthood duty, but an act of love, charity and service to those He was responsible too. He would be more than just HT, but a true brother and friend, always with a spiritual message geared towards the needs of each distinct and separate individual family member.

  Always alert to family birthdays, anniversaries or other seasonal events.  Anxious to report back to His Priesthood Leader with important information, not having to be called at the end of each month. He would be anxious to help those less active, sharing His testimony and providing information of Church events, socials, or transportation to and from Church if needed.  Being on call 24 hrs a day to administer blessing of comfort or healing to those who are sick or otherwise afflicted.  His calling and Priesthood duties would be in answer to the laws of the gospel, where truth, light and knowledge, are encompassed in the power of the Priesthood and result in salvation for all who live these higher principles. 

  If we believe in Christ, then we will not only just have faith in Him, but will act according to what He says.  When we catch this vision, then we will be the type of HT the Lord would expect us to be.  Not only will our families be blessed, but so will we as faithful servants in His Kingdom.  And the glory will be to God. .

Richard Johnson, High Priest Group Leader,
Ramona 2nd Ward, California Poway Stake, USA