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The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is also known as the LDS Church, and incorrectly by others as the Mormon Church. The LDS church has an lds programme that takes care of the Latter-day Saints of the Church of Jesus Christ, or Mormons, which is split into two lds areas - Home Teaching and Visiting Teaching. Hometeaching is done by two LDS Home Teachers - one an latter day saint Melchizedek Priesthood holder of the Church of Jesus Christ- usually an LDS Elder or a Mormon High Priest, or a Mormon Elder and an LDS High Priest - and the other can be an mormon Elder or an latter-day saint High Priest as well, but sometimes they hold the Aaronic Priesthood and are lds Priests, latter-day saint Teachers, or mormon Deacons, and these two Latter-day teachers of the home bring an Ensign, and share a hometeaching message from a member of the LDS First Presidency who sometimes hometeach as well. Visiting Teachers on the other hand, in Mormonism, are two members of the Relief Society of the Church of Jesus Christ of LDS. Both of these lds aspects (hometeaching & visiting teaching) provide opportunity for the LDS or Mormon Church of LDS to watch over its mormon members. Home