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  • 13 Dec 1998 - Removed the link to the HT Chat room. Talk City has made it much to complicated for a infrequent user to sign on once or twice. I am currently looking for other options in providing an on-site chat room.

  • 01 Nov 1998 - Added a Why do we Home Teach Page and a Making early visits Page.

    - Split the Tribute Page into those submitted by Brethren and those submitted by Sisters

    - Split the What's New Page into chronological archives.

  • 29 Oct 1998 - Split the FAQ Page into the Website FAQ and the Mailing List FAQ pages.

  • 17 Oct 1998 - Added a history of Visiting Teaching page.

  • 16 Oct 1998 - Added a link to an other website which outlines the responsibilities of the Movers and Movees on Moving Day.

  • 12 Oct 1998 - Added a Fridge Magnet Page. Contains ideas for fridge magnets and similar articles. - Added an info page describing how to subscribe to the Ensign.

  • 11 Oct 1998 - Added a HT/VT Humour Page.

  • 26 Sep 1998 - Added an interactive Site Map.

    - Changed the Ensign page to show references to Ensign articles related to Home Teaching.

    - Changed the History of Home teaching page to resemble more of a timeline, and made it interactive - similar to the site map.

  • 14 Sep 1998 - Added a top ten list of ways not to Visit Teach, a poem entitled "I'm Just a Visiting Teacher, and an article on the leadership of Visiting Teaching - all contributed by Debra Coe.

  • 12 Sep 1998 - Added a random quote generator on the index page. The quotes are taken from the Quotes & Scriptures section.

  • 06 Sep 1998 - Added a Fridge Magnet section to the site.

  • 05 Sep 1998 - Changed outlook again to add a bit of life to the page. I tried to keep the images as small as possible to help the page to still load quickly.

  • 15 Aug 1998 - Changed outlook of home page to make it load faster. Also changed the appearance of the headers to all the pages in the site. As well, when someone clicks on the header from a page, they will be brought to the home page.

  • 02 Aug 1998 - Changed the title of the webpage to The Home Teaching & Visiting Teaching Website. I added the "Teaching" beside "Home" because it will index it higher on the search engines when someone enters in "Home Teaching". I changed it from "Page" to "Website" to imply that the site is more than just one page - that consists of many interlinked pages.

    - Announced that I am wanting to offer alternate pages of different translations. Anyone who can speak Spanish, French, or German FLUENTLY, please let me know. It can take a few weeks at minimum.

  • 08 Jul 1998 - Removed the FreeStats & World 1000 Java banners from the index page to make the page easier to load.

  • 07 Jul 1998 - Broke the logo on the index page into 12 smaller images to make the page easier to load.