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    This page is an excellent resource for Elders Quorum Presidencies, High Priests Group Leaderships, Relief Society Presidencies, and Home & Visiting Teachers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

    The HT/VT Website was created in April 1997 as "Kim Siever's Home Teaching Page" and consisted of a single page with only one resource and a couple ideas. In addition, it was getting only a couple of visits per week. Nearly two years later, Kim Siever's Home Teaching Page had been renamed to "The Home & Visiting Teaching Webpage" and later, to "The Home Teaching & Visiting Teaching Website." It now consists of over 100 separate pages, and daily viewership averages between 55 and 75, and monthly viewerships of over a thousand, with higher viewerships on the weekends and a unsurpassed record of 121 visits in one day.

    The evolution of the HT/VT Website inevitably brought about the HT/VT Mailing List. This mailing list started out with Kim Siever sending out messages to a group of email addresses organised on his own computer. On 13 June 1998, the HT/VT Mailing List was switched over to FindMail/eGroups to cut down on administration, and to allow the list to operate while Kim Siever was moving. At the end of August, the HT/VT Mailing List reached 200 subscribers and roughly remained at this number for nearly two months. At the beginning of October, Kim Siever began to aggressively market the website and the Mailing List, and by the middle of October, the list started growing by at least 5 new subscribers per day.

    On 25 November, 1998, shortly after the list subscribership reached 300, List Ownership was handed over to John Hesch, who continues to run the list to this day.

    On 3 January, 1998, after nearly two years of running the site, Kim Siever handed ownership of the Home Teaching & Visiting Teaching Website over to Terry Xidis. Kim Siever had a growing family to work on, a home business which was developing, and another Web project which was a bit more intensive, so he decided to hand over the responsibility of this page to someone else. Terry was gracious enough to take that responsibility, and she comes aboard with plenty of skills and resources which should bring a nice change to the site.

    On 4 November, 1999, Kim Siever gains full ownership of the Home Teaching & Visiting Teaching Website once again.  He's glad to be back, and hopes he has learned something in the last year that can add tot he site, and that everyone can benefit from.

    Thanks so far to all who have contributed to this website - it has grown quite a bit and any input whatsoever is still entirely welcome.

   Remember, this page is devoted to the subject of Home & Visiting Teaching only. Webpages with a broader gospel base can be found at the Elders Quorum Page by Ryan Marchant, and the Relief Society Page by Michele Hoferitza.

    This page is updated frequently, so be sure to return again.

    When submitting your ideas and experiences, please state the ward, stake, and country where you reside (you can state your calling also if you would prefer - besides Home or Visiting Teacher of course). Also, if you would like people to reach you for further elaboration, then please include your e-mail address. Thank you.