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    "There is no work in the Church where there is opportunity for selfless service of greater importance than that of the home teaching work. The Lord will bless you in the assignment where you are serving in proportion to your dedication to your assignment."

- President Hugh B Brown
Church News, March 18, 1967

    "Home teaching is the pivot on which all other programs turn. Home teaching is not just another program. It relates to all the programs of the Church. The Lord put the responsibility of the home teaching program on the Priesthood."

- President N Eldon Tanner
Lesson 8, 1967 priesthood manual

    "You can't magnify your priesthood and reject your call to do hometeaching."

- President Marion G Romney
Church News, April 22, 1967

    "Home teachers are divinely commissioned . . . called into service by their priesthood leader after he has consulted with the bishop; they are guided in that service by the home teaching program sponsored and directed by the General Authorities . . . The service itself, however . . . originated in the mind of the Lord Himself and was revealed by Him."

- President Marion G Romney
General Conference, April 8, 1966

    "Home teaching, properly functioning, brings to the house of each member two priesthood beares divinely commissioned and authoritatively called into the service by their priesthood leader and bishop."

- President Marion G Romney
General Conference, April 4, 1966

    "The most effective reactivation is always one-to-one basis, on a family-to-family basis. It is personal contacting. It is friendshipping. It is done by the home teachers! Use the hometeachers to reactivate! There is no substitute for home teaching."

- Elder Bruce R McConkie
Regional Representives Seminar, October 1974

    "The family is the most important organization in time or eternity. The Church and all its organizations are service agencies to help families and individuals. Home teachers represent the Lord, the bishop, and the priesthood leader in making available to the family and the individual the help of the Church and all its organizations."

- Elder Bruce R McConkie
Let Every Man Learn His Duty, p. 2