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    "In 1963 home teaching was introduced to the Church. This differed from ward teaching in that greater emphasis was placed on watching over the family, rather than just making a monthly visit... The home teacher is to keep in touch with the families, to watch over them, to contact them in whatever manner necessary, in order to watch over them. We were told that hometeaching is not just the one visit a month, but that hometeaching is never done."

- Elder James A Cullimore
General Conference, October 8, 1972

    "Priesthood home teaching is here to stay . . . There isn't any other way. All other activities are helpful. Some of them vital. But all are only part solutions. The only solution that can succeed is the one that relates directly to the family. Home teachers are the ones authorized to work directly with the family."

- Elder Boyd K Packer
Regional Representatives Seminar, October 2, 1968

    "The priesthood home teacher must think in terms of the needs of the family, not just another home to visit. And when he can feel the needs of individuals and, in his heart, when he can love them and has a yearning to help, he can give courage to struggling souls as they try to climb homeward in these perilous times."

- Elder Rex C Reeve
Regional Representatives Seminar, December 12, 1970

    "[The duties of the home teachers] are to 'watch over the church always' - not twenty minutes a month but always - 'and be with and strengthen them - not a knock at the door, but to be with them, and lift them, and strengthen them, and empower them, and fortify them . . ."

- President Spencer W Kimball
Ensign, June 1978, p. 24-25

    "In the literature, home teaching was never limited to one visit per month (emphasis added). It may be all right for the active to be visited on the thirteenth or the thirty-first. But only accidentally would anyone be activated that way."

- Elder A Theodore Tuttle
Ensign, October 1979, p.10