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TEACHING SINGLE MOTHER FAMILIES     At the moment, I teach two single mother families. One with a teenaged daughter and one with young boys. I have at one time taught four single mother families. The thing I noticed in these families the most is their dependence on the Priesthood. In families with out a father (especially a Melchizedek Priesthood holder), the responsibility falls upon the mother to play two roles, but the role she plays as a father can only be fulfilled to a certain degree. Here is where hometeachers play a vital role. Hometeachers should keep an eye out for opportunities to perform priesthood blessings for their families, and single mother families need it the most. Another reason why we should be trying hard to be obedient. We don't have to be a prophet to be righteous. If it's one thing I want to get across, it's try to extend blessings of the priesthood to your single mother home teaching families. Mothers are the single most important units of the church, and without them, families really don't exist. 

Kim Siever, Elders Quorum President, Surrey First Ward

Surrey British Columbia Stake, Canada