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    I learned on my mission that the best thing you can do in a teaching situation is to follow a very important part of the commitment pattern - help others feel and recognize the Spirit. It's been five years since I've returned home, and in that time have taught Seminary, Gospel Doctrine, and Elders Quorum. The commitment pattern holds true. It doesn't matter how eloquent your oration or how clear and concise you are on points of doctrine...if you don't share the spirit, you're just babbling.

    Fortunately, Heavenly Father doesn't require us to always be trying to share the spirit in order to do so. Often, in the homes of families we home teach, there are many distractions (television, phone, stereos, children playing). All these things can prevent a home teacher from presenting his message effectively. But sometimes the best way to share the Spirit is to simply have Him with you.

Aaron Porter, Gospel Doctrine and Elders Quorum Substitute Instructor,
Elk Grove Second Ward, Elk Grove California Stake, USA