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WEBSITE FAQ PAGE     Below you will find a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the website. If you still have a question not found on this page, email me, and I'll try to answer you as quickly as I can.

I really enjoy your page, but I feel like I need to contribute something. What can I do to contribute to your page?

The thing that I need the most is Home Teaching Experiences. I only have three, and they are not enough. Next I need more ideas. Don't be thinking that you can only contribute experiences and ideas for the subjects I have listed. All will be accepted. It is easy to make a new subject. Lastly, any other resources you come across would be welcome.
What happened to the First Presidency message and other Ensign articles that used to be available on this page?
I have contacted the Copyright Office at the Church Administration Building in Salt Lake City, and was instructed that all Church materials holding a copyright are prohibited from be published on the internet at this time. This includes pictures of General Authorities, gospel art, hymns, articles, etc. I apologise to all those who used this page for the First Presidency message, but a rule is a rule. I hope the future is more promising.
Why are there so many spelling mistakes throughout your page?
This page originates in Canada. In Canada, it is accepted if American English or British English is used for spelling. I prefer the British, thus you may see sprinkled throughout the webpage such words as: "favour", "colour", "metre", "supervise", "organise" and "centre". This will seem odd to a number of Americans, but it is still proper English, and that's just the way they are spelled. Other spelling mistakes are unintentional, and notice of them would be appreciated.
This ICQ thing really looks cool. Can I become listed on the ICQ list?
You sure can. First of all, you need to have ICQ. If you don't, visit to download it and get more information. Then check out the Home Teaching ICQ List Page, and send me all the info for each category. I will then post it, and let you know when you are added.
How do I subscribe to the Ensign?
Visit my How to Subscribe to the Ensign Page for more information.
Do you have anymore information on homeschooling?
This is not a homeschooling website. It is a website devoted to the Home Teaching & Visiting Teaching programmes of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.