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WHAT'S NEW - 1998, JAN - JUN

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  • 23 Jun 1998 - Added a Java applet to the opening page to show quick updates or special news. As well, some layout changes made to the same page.

  • 13 Jun 1998 - Changed the mailing list to an online server so that it is now automatic, and takes no control from me. As well, I installed a Mailing List Subscription Box on the webpage for people to automatically subscribe from the opening page of the site.

  • 07 Jun 1998 - Split the Scriptures & Quotes Page into smaller, individual pages for easier reading.

  • 07 Jun 1998 - Added a minimum amount of frames at the bottom of the window in order to add a static navigation menu. It also makes it easier to update the menu without having to go through every single page.

  • 07 Jun 1998 - Added a summarised version of The Visiting Teacher.

  • 31 May 1998 - Kim Siever's Home Teaching Webpage has been changed to the Home & Visiting Teaching Webpage to encompass the entire programme, and offer submission of ideas, etc from the sisters of the Church.

  • 04 May 1998 - The page has moved addresses to You may want to bookmark it for future reference. I am moving out of British Columbia, and my ISP is only based in BC, so I will have to change ISP's. In the process, I have decided to use Tripod as my new webpage host. It was a toss-up between Tripod and Geocities, and I chose Tripod for three reasons: shorter URL, URL which has something to do with the webpage, and more webspace.

  • 10 Apr 1998 - META Tags added in the HTML in order to provide better results with search engines.

  • 09 Apr 1998 - Background changed so the text is easier to read.

  • 27 Mar 1998 - Changed main page into five separate pages. Added new image map on index page, and changed the outlook of the same. Altered menus at the bottom of each of the pages.

  • 23 Mar 1998 - Experience with Families with Teens added

  • 06 Mar 1998 - All Ensign articles and Church copyrighted pictures were removed after a discussion with the copyright office at the Church Administration Building.

  • 20 Feb 1998 - Registered with SuperStats and Webside Story webpages in order to keep better track of the amount of visits to my pages per day, per hour, and where they were referred form, and the browser they used. These are all very helpful in design and marketing of my page.

  • 07 Feb 1998 - Two new Ensign articles added.

  • 06 Feb 1998 - Feedback form introduced - different from the guestbook form.

  • 04 Feb 1998 - Background sound was removed to accommodate those who are secretly checking out my page at work. A FAQ Page was started. 1980 Declaration of the First Presidency Message as the official Home Teaching Message added.

  • 01 Feb 1998 - What's New page established.

  • Jan 1998 - Font and major layout revision; including standard Navigation Menus at the bottom of each page, length labels, and more organisation.