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    The following examples are taken from a High Priests Home Teaching Training Meeting of the Cottonwood Heights 1st Ward, Cottonwood Heights Utah Stake held in April 1997. It was submitted to me by Don Reynolds, High Priest Group Leader in the First Ward. The names of those who wrote the responses have been removed for privacy reasons. I hope the insights are very helpful to all.

    Please read and ponder the following examples of good and not so good home teaching. We invited those within the ward and outside of the ward to provide examples of good home teaching. We checked outside the ward for examples of not-so-good home teaching; perhaps some of these have happened here as well. To those home teachers who recognize themselves in the good examples we thank you. As a group leadership we have been deeply touched with how important good home teachers are to members of the Church and how much it is missed when not present. Please join us in emulating the good examples and avoiding the not-so-good ones. -- Don Reynolds

Good Attributes

Bad Attributes

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